Dooryard Bands at CMJ Fest in Brooklyn!

The Dooryard is happy to announce that two of our in-house bands, Marie Stella and Dead Man's Clothes, will be playing this year's CMJ Music Marathon & Film Festival in Brooklyn, NY on Saturday, October 23rd. The good folks at HillyTown.com (which really just means Bryan, guitarist in Marie Stella) have put together a night of Portland bands to blow the tights pants off New York!

Also find the same Dooryard bands on Treble Treble 2, the latest compilation of Portland music. Listen for free on HillyTown.


First Friday re-cap

Photos from "Let's Go West: New Works by Tessa McGow"

all photos by Beth Shorey

arts walk continued

all photos from July arts walk


LET'S GO WEST: New Works by Tessa McGow

Photo by Bryan Bruchman

Tessa McGow is burning down acres of yellow pencils in her pursuit of the gorgeous American West. Our cowgirl Dooryarder is transforming the building's main hallway, carving out a home for gorges and those who long for a landscape unencumbered by pine. The wall drawing calls visitors to saddle up its wooden banister neighbor and ride into the thick of lead marks, or follow the dusty trail around a bend into the room that holds Tessa's studio (alongside Eric Spalding and Blake Hiltunen) to find her current body of work, a gold rush claim of drawings and paintings featuring bleached-out skulls and bird bits, a convertible worthy of Dr. Gonzo at the wheel, horses of ghost and mutant breeds and buffalo under a melted-candy sky. The pieces seem hatched from the giant bird's nest she built in her studio last November and are now spreading their brightly pen-sketched wings and bone-white talons.

Come check out the show this First Friday Arts Walk, 5-8pm at the Dooryard, 108 High St. Open studios throughout, plus wine themed for the trip out West.

(...and be sure to wish Tessa a happy birthday when you're here!)

In addition, former Dooryard studio artist Irina Skornyakova has a solo show at Mayo St. Arts opening on Friday. Preview some of her prints and drawings:


...and after the 'wine walk' has died down, come to Strange Maine for a rare appearance by GAY CAMP, with Jonathan Merrifield's new band The Gloaming and Portland's favorite Canadian, BJ Snowden.

Then on Saturday, the Building of Song Arts & Music Festival goes down noon-8pm in Congress Square and above. Dooryard family bands Dead Man's Clothes, Meghan Yates & the Reverie Machine and Over A Cardboard Sea join a host of other local musicians for this free concert.



Congratulations to Dead Man's Clothes for their win in the Phoenix's category of Best New Act!

"Dead Man's Clothes are the textbook definition of "organized chaos." Barely kept in line, the immense energy branches out to every section of the band. Authoritative lead singer Don Dumont never lets your focus wander past the commanding echo of his voice. Then again, we might have to credit the frenzied guitar progressions from TJ Metcalfe and Dumont, creating tension with each distinct pluck of the strings. Carrying considerable momentum, each song feels like an enraged sprint through the 100-meter dash. Corralling these elements are the rhythmic yet blaring bass and crashing, well-timed percussion."

DMC played at Bayside Bowl this past weekend for Marie Stella's first EP release (and the new venue's opening). Check out "Trust" by Marie Stella here:


More Arts Walk photos


Hair Drawings
Eric Spalding

Holga Photos
Chelsea Dowd and Julia Wood


Nicolas Destino


Vote for Dooryard Bands!

Two Dooryard bands are up for awards in the Phoenix's Best Music Poll:



Plus, we just got a nice mention in the last Phoenix Best of Portland poll-- "DIY/Alternative Studio/Performance Spaces" won for Best Arts Scene Trend, with the Dooryard mentioned alongside our friends at the Apohadion and Mayo Street Arts.

Cheers to the seeds of a thriving DIY arts community!


Art Walk Photos- Les Salonniers

Les Salonniers, a performance troupe from Barcelona, invited our gallery visitors to become a part of their installation by kissing the wall after allowing themselves to be lipsticked. Each lip mark was signed & dated by the participant.

The troupe also invited us to
STRETCH in the gallery
with the aid of towels & bathing suits!


Arts Walk, April 2

In our First Friday opening this month:

Les Salonnieres (of Barcelona, see post below!), installation & performance
Chelsea Dowd & Julia Wood, Holga photography
Eric Spalding, hair drawing series

and as always, our open studios!

5-whenever pm, Friday, April 2.


The Door Yard is proud to announce the performance and opening of Barcelona's Les Salonnieres.  The feminine performance group will be organizing an exhibition of their most recent work "The Salonnieres Family."  

The show will contain a photographic series that explores a breaking of assumed behavior of people according to the space they are in.  At the same time, through a set of instructions written on the wall, the Salonnieres will transform the exhibition space into a new arena for processes of collective production with any (hopefully all) of the visitors to the opening.

come one, come all!  check out what is happening on the other side of the atlantic, without leaving the comforts of your own city!

for more information on the Salonnieres, visit www.salodete.org

muchos besos de Les Salonnieres!


a couple photos from the gallery opening

main gallery

paint-yr-own monster in the burning city

photos by aubin thomas

in-process shots before arts walk

work shown here by manu sachdeva & mAhA81



Tomorrow is First Friday Arts Walk, and the Dooryard will be open from 5pm-on with a special installation by the German comic artist mAhA81 in collaboration with fellow artists from NYC Jamie & Irina Weiss, Manu Sachdeva, Magumi and more!

The show is an apocalyptical take on the evolution of the independence of MONSTERS & ROBOTS! So far this week we've witnessed giant tentacles ooze over skyscrapers the size of our gallery, robots flying from the ceiling, and portraits from the last moment of human civilization painted on our walls.

*Monsters and Robots*

/“The days of the ancient regime are counted with its last sip of petrol. The day when it'll draw it's last gasp of toxic vapor will come. When this day comes, you can run, but you can't hide, there will be no FEMA, no messiah, and no alien spaceship to carry you away. /

/The monstri and machines, that we created will take over our precious cities, and rule the world in chaos and mayhem. The end will be deadly. incredibly cute and deadly. /

/We want to dedicate this exhibition to the new world to come. /

/No humans no masters.../

/We know which side we're on.”/
March 2010

Jamie Weiss
Irina Weiss
Manu Sachdeva


Dooryard on "Most Influential" List!

Deirdre Fulton of the Phoenix stopped by our studios last week for a talk about the Dooryard and other like-minded spaces in town:

...and we're in the printed Phoenix this week as part of their "Most Influential People in Town" list!

(read about Bryan of Marie Stella, scroll down for our mention)

If only we could be under Music, Visual Art AND Performing Art-- or All Of The Above.

Thanks, Phoenix folks!


Thanks to all who stopped by our studios last night! More on March's installation in coming days...

Dooryard bands are out on the town this week. Dead Man's Clothes open for Brenda and Maps & Atlases (of Chicago) at SPACE this Monday, Feb. 8 (8pm doors, $8, 18+); the next night, Marie Stella play at Port City Music Hall as part of the venue's TWO series. Two bands, $2 cover and $2 drink specials every Tuesday; Marie Stella is joined by indie steadfasts Metal Feathers for this week's 8pm, 21+ show.

& Happy birthday to Blake today, and thanks to his mom who told me she liked this blog (and I, being over-caffeinated, misheard her and was very confused!)


open studios

Dooryard open studios this coming First Friday, February 5th, 5pm-onward! Come chill this month; we're gearing up for a monstrous installation in March with folks from NYC and right here in town.

Also be on the lookout for Dooryard artists in other galleries around town: Blake Hiltunen, Irina Skornyakova & manymany more at SPACE Gallery's "Free For All 2". (Swing by SPACE after Arts Walk to witness DRUM SWAMP: 20+ Portland bangers & clangers in one really loud room!) ...and photographer Derek Jackson has collaborated with Ahna the Ladybeast for a photo project on view at Sanctuary Tattoo's METAL-ISCIOUS show.

Plus, Planets Around the Sun will play a free show at Geno's tomorrow, Thursday Feb. 4th, with Jakob Battick & Friends and Good Kids Sprouting Horns. Beware of ritualistically ecstatic dancing creatures.


mayo street arts opening party

Dooryarders Henrietta the Hot Toddy & Winnigram the Whiskey Sour will be hosting a SWEET & SOUR KISSING BOOTH
at the Mayo Street Arts kick-off show
Saturday, February 13th, 7-9pm

come celebrate the birth of this new non-profit community art space!

& afterwards, head over to SPACE Gallery for the DEAD OF WINTER featuring Tim Findlen (Over a Cardboard Sea), Eric Schwan (The Orchards), Emily Dix Thomas (Cerf-Volantes), Aly Spaltro (Lady Lamb the Beekeeper), Matt Lajoie (Cursillistas) and many more.
8:30pm, 18+, $6


Mayo Street Arts!

"Mayo Street Arts will open its doors February 1st to hold performances, exhibitions, classes, and gatherings. We offer six artist studios for rent, a unique music hall with high ceilings and stained glass windows, and a haven for fun, collaboration, and creativity."

heck yeah!