LET'S GO WEST: New Works by Tessa McGow

Photo by Bryan Bruchman

Tessa McGow is burning down acres of yellow pencils in her pursuit of the gorgeous American West. Our cowgirl Dooryarder is transforming the building's main hallway, carving out a home for gorges and those who long for a landscape unencumbered by pine. The wall drawing calls visitors to saddle up its wooden banister neighbor and ride into the thick of lead marks, or follow the dusty trail around a bend into the room that holds Tessa's studio (alongside Eric Spalding and Blake Hiltunen) to find her current body of work, a gold rush claim of drawings and paintings featuring bleached-out skulls and bird bits, a convertible worthy of Dr. Gonzo at the wheel, horses of ghost and mutant breeds and buffalo under a melted-candy sky. The pieces seem hatched from the giant bird's nest she built in her studio last November and are now spreading their brightly pen-sketched wings and bone-white talons.

Come check out the show this First Friday Arts Walk, 5-8pm at the Dooryard, 108 High St. Open studios throughout, plus wine themed for the trip out West.

(...and be sure to wish Tessa a happy birthday when you're here!)

In addition, former Dooryard studio artist Irina Skornyakova has a solo show at Mayo St. Arts opening on Friday. Preview some of her prints and drawings:

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