Tomorrow is First Friday Arts Walk, and the Dooryard will be open from 5pm-on with a special installation by the German comic artist mAhA81 in collaboration with fellow artists from NYC Jamie & Irina Weiss, Manu Sachdeva, Magumi and more!

The show is an apocalyptical take on the evolution of the independence of MONSTERS & ROBOTS! So far this week we've witnessed giant tentacles ooze over skyscrapers the size of our gallery, robots flying from the ceiling, and portraits from the last moment of human civilization painted on our walls.

*Monsters and Robots*

/“The days of the ancient regime are counted with its last sip of petrol. The day when it'll draw it's last gasp of toxic vapor will come. When this day comes, you can run, but you can't hide, there will be no FEMA, no messiah, and no alien spaceship to carry you away. /

/The monstri and machines, that we created will take over our precious cities, and rule the world in chaos and mayhem. The end will be deadly. incredibly cute and deadly. /

/We want to dedicate this exhibition to the new world to come. /

/No humans no masters.../

/We know which side we're on.”/
March 2010

Jamie Weiss
Irina Weiss
Manu Sachdeva

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