...and after the 'wine walk' has died down, come to Strange Maine for a rare appearance by GAY CAMP, with Jonathan Merrifield's new band The Gloaming and Portland's favorite Canadian, BJ Snowden.

Then on Saturday, the Building of Song Arts & Music Festival goes down noon-8pm in Congress Square and above. Dooryard family bands Dead Man's Clothes, Meghan Yates & the Reverie Machine and Over A Cardboard Sea join a host of other local musicians for this free concert.

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  1. Hey there!
    Your blog came up on my google alerts because I'm just a hop skip and a jump from where you are here in Woodstock, New Brunswick. Ironically, we have a similar cooperative that we're working on with a similar name.
    You all should check out our website and blog and such....
    We're working on developing a space much like yours, and we also put together an annual arts and music festival! Check us out! I couldn't not send a message after noticing the coincidence. :)