Congratulations to Dead Man's Clothes for their win in the Phoenix's category of Best New Act!

"Dead Man's Clothes are the textbook definition of "organized chaos." Barely kept in line, the immense energy branches out to every section of the band. Authoritative lead singer Don Dumont never lets your focus wander past the commanding echo of his voice. Then again, we might have to credit the frenzied guitar progressions from TJ Metcalfe and Dumont, creating tension with each distinct pluck of the strings. Carrying considerable momentum, each song feels like an enraged sprint through the 100-meter dash. Corralling these elements are the rhythmic yet blaring bass and crashing, well-timed percussion."

DMC played at Bayside Bowl this past weekend for Marie Stella's first EP release (and the new venue's opening). Check out "Trust" by Marie Stella here:

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