Winter Solstice with Planets Around the Sun

Planets Around the Sun
(Ian Paige and Caitlin King)
will be hosting a
at the Hog Farm Studios Annex in Biddeford
on Sunday, December 20th at 5pm.

"Portland's switched on musical acts gather together in celebration of the shortest day of the year with the super mind melded sounds of Hersey State and Tin Ceilings, followed by Time-Lag Records' Prisma, the psychedelic transmissions of Planets Around The Sun and then a wicked massive group drone led by Computer At Sea and Tempera with internationally reknowned noise artist The Reverend Crank Sturgeon giving the Benediction. Audience members will be served a Four Course Meal throughout the event in between musical sets and are encouraged, but not required, to bring a Casio keyboard to participate in the final group drone. Emerging as Portland's most exciting new artist group, Pine Haven Collective will provide the visual vibe. Tarot readings and tea service will be available.

$5 to $15 donation (includes 4 course meal)"

This night will be magic, and I promise you cake from strange hands.

photo from autumnal equinox celebration at space gallery by bryan bruchman

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