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Pickwick Independent Press, a new printshop in the Artist Studio building above SPACE Gallery, has sent out a call for print makers interested in using the facilities:
We are now calling for applicants to become members of Pickwick Independent Press. If you are interested in becoming a keyholder member please take some time to fill out an application. Tip: There is no deadline for applications but we will be filling up fast so don't delay.

What we intend to accomplish and how: The press is in its infancy, we are still gathering presses, and defining our role in the community. We believe the first small group of "key-holder" members will help us define our role and the mission of the shop. In exchange for this community and identity building we are offering Three months free membership to the first group of key-holder members. A key-holder member is a member of the press that has Twenty four hour access to the shop, and the rest of the building's facilities. These members will be invited to participate in the functions of the Artist Studio Building, and will have all the rights of access as the rest of the building's artists. The Artist Studio Building offers 32 studios to a community of professionally mobile artists and craftspeople. Please visit our website for more information about The Artist Studio. www.studiobuilding.com

It is our intention to empower print makers and artists to use the facility to promote and support their ideas and practices. With our key-holder members we will collaborate on a variety of events including workshops, open studios, editions, and group exhibitions. We will work together to seek out other presses and print collectives around the nation to build networking opportunities. And we will work together to develop and explore income generating opportunities for the shop and its members.

What we are offering: Press access that includes intaglio, lithography, silkscreen, wood block, and basic letter press. We have large work surfaces, meant for both clean and messy processes, paper storage, minimal screen and or photo sensitive plate storage, personal item storage and dedicated wash down and darkrooms. We will provide selected materials such as inks and solvents, and other miscellaneous necessities. We also provide free WIFI, roof deck access, kitchen, and wood shop facilities. Members may also choose to purchase a page on our website for a onetime fee.

If you need more information please don't hesitate to call or write.


Lisa Pixley
Founding Member
Members accepted before January 1 will have their first three months of rent waived while the final touches of the shop's construction are finished ($90/mo. afterwards).

More information and application:

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